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How To Go From "I Will" To "I Am": Morning Affirmations Vs Expectations

  After a recent conversation with a dear friend of mine, I realised just how damaging waking up in the morning and ordering yourself to be or to do this and that, we wake up already bombarded with personal expectations and requirements that we put on ourselves either because of society's idea of success or because of our own personal goals and even insecurities. When we load ourselves up with expectations (I will do this today and I must complete this today) we are setting ourselves up for failure, feeling unaccomplished and possibly even guilt or shame. We then go online and compare ourselves to people who have achieved the goals that we set ourselves  and we put ourselves down and speak to ourselves and about ourselves with criticism and shame. How can we replace our morning expectations with morning affirmations and can it really make a difference to our productivity?  Let's try this out: Expectation: I will be happy today. Affirmation: I am grateful for this new day Expec