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40 Rainy Day Activities

Lock down is easing, people are slowly emerging from their houses, like vampires we emerge cowering from the sun that's been blazing over us since last week, we leave our homes with our heads dishevelled, clothes fitting a little more snug than a few months ago and with overwhelming excitement to finally be out in the open fresh air only to be welcomed by a drop, another drop and another drop of rain. A week of it to be precise. They say brits love to complain about the weather, I for one find that to be completely...true! We aren't happy when it's hot, when it's cold, when it's raining and when it's snowing. It is what it is! There are some of us, however who like to enjoy the rain, they like to listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the window, the sound of welly-boots splashing in the puddles and the screams and giggles of children running around looking for shelter from the rain. 

While we are stuck indoors this week, If you find yourself running out of ideas for indoor activities for your children to do here is a list I have prepared just for you! 

40 Rainy Day Activities!

  1. Puppet show - Create puppets using absolutely anything from socks to ice lolly sticks, even their regular teddies and set up a cute puppet show!
  2. Reading circle - Reading is an activity for all ages, gather your family round for a reading circle, it is a perfect way for your little ones to practice their reading skills and to encourage their love for reading. Even babies can join in with their little baby books and touch-and-feel stories.
  3. Origami - Make paper swans, hopping frogs, paper air plane, whatever you like! just grab some paper, and start folding!
  4. Arts and crafts - Don't want Origami? Add some glue, glitter, pipe cleaners, feathers, googly eyes or sequins and make just about anything you can imagine
  5. Baking - This is a personal favourite, there's nothing more fun for my kids than joining me in the kitchen atop their little stools and baking a cake or cookies, now baking is only half the fun; it's the eating them all straight out of the oven that's the most fun!
  6. Movie night - Grab your popcorn, a comfy blanket and a cuddly teddy and sit down for a good movie, that is if you can find one everyone agrees on and no tantrums incur.
  7. Writing a story - This is another great idea to improve your child's literacy skills, give them some story prompts like 'teddy, cookie, forest' and have them try to write a story using those word prompts. It's great fun to draw pictures on each page and watch them design their characters.
  8. Family games - From board games to card games, the list is endless! Family games are a great way to involve the whole family; young and old - in the fun.
  9. New hobby - Teach your child a new hobby, it could be anything! Knitting, crocheting, painting, jewellery making, scrapbooking etc
  10. Splash in puddles - Tired of staying indoors? Why not dress for the weather and go out! Splash about and get muddy!
  11. Do a puzzle - This is another activity for all ages, grab a puzzle and set the timer for extra competition. 
  12. Bubble fun - Why not run a bath for your kids with bubbles, bath bombs and the like.
  13. Toy declutter - Does your child have too many toys? This is a perfect opportunity to sort through those toys and organise them in piles of toys to keep, dump and donate.
  14. Cupcake decorating - quick, easy, mess free - well kinda, get some cupcakes (you don't even have bake them. sometimes we just buy some fairy cakes from the local supermarket) and decorate them using icing and sprinkles, stars and chocolate buttons, whatever you fancy.
  15. Scavenger hunt - This is a great activity to teach kids about directions, hide something around the house and write (or draw) directions to that item on a map and have your child run around searching for it.
  16. Hide and seek - pretty self explanatory, you go hide, they go seek! My son would often start panicking if he doesn't find me after two minutes so I'd have to make sounds to give him hints until he finds me.
  17. Make a movie - Technology has come a long way, if you have a tablet you can record your child acting out a scene from a movie and together you can edit it and add soundtracks and credits to make it seem real.
  18. Tie dye - Using cloth dye, design your own t-shirt or even use bleach to create a washed out effect
  19. House DIY - Fix something that's been long overdue or build a shelf/ treehouse etc
  20. Make a fort - This is one my daughter does almost everyday using any sheet or blanket and a couple of chairs
  21. Homemade Play-Doh - Mix 8 tablespoons of flour, 2 tablespoons of salt, 60ml of warm water, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil and food colouring in a bowl, separate in little balls, grab your utensils and you're all set
  22. Pretend play hospital/shop/barbers - Pretend play is very important for a child's development, it teaches empathy, imagination, maths, language and many more important skills.
  23. Play dress up - This one goes hand in hand with Pretend Play, it's also fun for your child to wear your clothes and makeup (optional) 
  24. Have a fashion show - After you're all dressed up, why not have a fashion show!
  25. Talent show - Just learnt a new song? Showcase it in an exclusive, at home, talent show with judges and scoring systems and prizes
  26. Write and send a letter - Jot down all the addresses of your child's friends and family and have them write letters to them, nothing is more beautiful than receiving a handwritten letter
  27. Have a pamper day - You don't feel like doing anything today? Even better! Have a pamper day, indulge your child in a warm bubbly bath, make hot chocolate and enjoy a cucumber mask, colour in while listening to some soothing music, do absolutely nothing if that's what you want to do
  28. Make slime - This isn't one that I've tried, but I know a lot of children who go nuts for slime! You can add glitter, sequins, even small toys (3+) 
  29. Write a bucket list - Sit with your child and write a bucket list of everything you want to achieve or do or see in that year and start ticking them off every time you're bored
  30. Science project - Create a "baking soda" Volcano or drop some Mentos in Coke bottle, or even make your own homemade telephone or camera, whatever it is you can get your child interested in Science and it'll always be fun
  31. Obstacle course - Super easy, you can use anything at home, from cushions and blankets and fake lava to avoid, it's competitive and great fun!
  32. Facetime family - Another great way to stay in touch with family and friends from all around the globe
  33. Have a tea party - This activity is so cute; watching your child run their own tea party is so adorable, invite all the teddies and dolls round for tea, fill the teapot with flavoursome air and enjoy the air filled cookies and biscuits
  34. Cut out images from a magazine - Collect newspaper and magazine clippings and stick them on a collage of ideas, could be room decoration or dream vacation or anything like that
  35. Play Charades - Charades or any other family games are great for all ages and to allow everyone to work together and bond as a unit 
  36. Redecorate your room - Inspired by the magazine clippings? Why not get the paint cans out and repaint your bedroom or declutter and reorganise it 
  37. Have one to one time - Sometimes kids don't need anything more than a cuppa tea and a chat, have some one on one time with your kids and get to know them on a deeper level, try active listening and less talking, it's a lot more meaningful for your child
  38. Make Ice Lollies - Free ice-lollies! Who doesn't like that? Any flavour, any fillings! Make it healthy, make it not so healthy, your choice 
  39. Make smoothies - Same concept, a little more fun and a lot less waiting for the little ones
  40. Magic tricks - Why not just sit back and watch your kids amaze you with their Abrakadabras and Alakazams!


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