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How To Cope With Disturbing News On TV And Social Media

Technology was created to bring humanity together, to share our lives and thoughts on social media, to broadcast news and events happening all over the world on television and radio, but it comes at a price. This year especially, I feel, has been a complete disaster, if only we could rewind back to our 2020 new years celebration and restart this year, but life is not that simple.

I am constantly finding myself scrolling from post to post on Facebook and reading article after article filled with gloom and despair leaving me feeling disturbed, anxious and very confused as each article stands to disprove the article before it. It is as if we cling on to one piece of good news or anything that brings joy to our hearts (hence the list of kitten videos flooding my Saved Page) but it's not long before we are tagged in a '10 Ways To Avoid Death During This Disastrous Pandemic' and I am once again thrown in a whirlwind of doom and gloom. 

Now, you could deactivate all your social media accounts and unplug your television but realistically how long will that last? You need a practical tactic. Here are some tips to get you started;

Do your own research

Seek out viable, tangible information for sources that you trust and once you've gathered all that you need you will emotionally feel prepared for whatever disaster may / or may not come your way. 

Get involved

Find out how you can volunteer to help your community during difficult times, or share useful information on your pages for people to benefit from. There are also plenty of donation websites you can contribute to. By getting involved you can rest assured that you are making a positive impact even if it feels like it's all going downhill. 

'Controlling what you can when things feel out of control'

As quoted from our dear Olaf (Lovable snowman from Frozen) controlling what you can during a disaster is a sure way to feel a lot less out of control. Look around you and seek out things you can control around you, this will also give you more confidence and self assurance. 

Change the channel 

This may seem obvious but sometimes all you need is to switch from BBC to Cbeebies and join Mr Tumble as he fails in making a picnic filled with polkadots and bubbles. Join your children as they play and embrace their innocence. It will ease the anxiety you feel and temporarily distract your mind from your disturbing thoughts. Finding comfort in loved ones also raises your dopamine levels and decreases levels of depression and sadness or fear.

Talk to someone

If you are still feeling disturbed and can't seem to shake it off, speak to a trusted friend or family member, sometimes something as simple as expressing your feelings in words can release some of the built up tension inside you and ease your feelings of insecurity and instability. 

Me time

Lastly, my favourite way to cope with disturbing news or stories I'd read online is to switch it all off and have some me time, take a warm bubbly bath or take out your hobby box and get creative. Maybe even have nap! (That's a cure all!) Whatever you decide to do, be aware mentally that you are moving yourself away from that negative energy and submerging yourself in a lot of positive energy and self love. 

As always, I hope this post reaches you well and I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you have any more tips or if I've forgotten to mention some please leave them in the comment box below! 


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