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How To Cope With Disturbing News On TV And Social Media

Technology was created to bring humanity together, to share our lives and thoughts on social media, to broadcast news and events happening all over the world on television and radio, but it comes at a price. This year especially, I feel, has been a complete disaster, if only we could rewind back to our 2020 new years celebration and restart this year, but life is not that simple. I am constantly finding myself scrolling from post to post on Facebook and reading article after article filled with gloom and despair leaving me feeling disturbed, anxious and very confused as each article stands to disprove the article before it. It is as if we cling on to one piece of good news or anything that brings joy to our hearts (hence the list of kitten videos flooding my Saved Page) but it's not long before we are tagged in a '10 Ways To Avoid Death During This Disastrous Pandemic' and I am once again thrown in a whirlwind of doom and gloom.  Now, you could deactivate all yo