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7 Mistakes I Made While Potty Training My Daughter

Potty training has no doubt been the most exhausting and difficult thing I've had to do during this parenting journey, it comes easy to a lot of people which will forever confuse and baffle me but I understand that every child is different and each parenting journey is unique and beautiful in it's own way. Before I started potty training I bought all the books, watched all the YouTube videos, read all the blogs, asked all the mommas. You might remember a previous post I'd written when I first started  (Oh Dear! We're Potty Training!) , Oh the naivety! Here are the mistakes I made while potty training my daughter, I wish I can make a ( 7 Tips for successfully potty training your child) but I cannot, because it took me just under a year before we had no more accidents and stress free outings, so instead here is what you should not do  when potty training. 1. Don't change your method/ strategy. This might be obvious to a lot of you but it wasn't to m