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How To Be a Productive Mum and Get Things Done!

Once upon a time, before you had kids, you would wake up at a time that suited you, shower peacefully (sometimes you'd even shampoo twice!), maybe apply some lotion, get ready and go about your day. Then you'd come home, to an already spotless house, no crumbs on the floor or toys to trip over, no Legos that leave you hopping on one leg and cursing in pain, none at all. You'd slip into your warm fluffy slippers and enjoy a cup of tea while watching your TV that; at that time was free from tiny handprint marks and your remote still had the battery cap securely clipped in. Ah that was the life. Then of course you wake up from this blissful memory and are thrown back into your current reality that is kids, clutter and noise. Not that that's a bad thing of course! But I do know how you feel. Your life may be hectic right now, but believe me it's temporary. You may be feeling like you have a mountain load of things to do and tasks that get postponed to the n