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Sleep Training...Can It Be Done?

If you're reading this then you've had enough..if you're reading this then you have a baby who won't sleep unless they're rocked or sang to or held or hushed or given the horn of a wild unicorn. Either way they won't sleep without you. It's a nightmare I know but I have the solution. This isn't a magic potion or a little white pill. This is mistake after mistake before I got it right. This is literally tears and sweat and judging eyes that can't wait to tell you you're doing it all wrong. It took me 6 months with my eldest daughter before I started and a few days to work. It will take time and effort but if done right and consistently, It will work. I promise. There is one golden rule to my sleep training method. Lay your child down still awake . I know you want to kill me right now but bare with me. Set a sleep routine from about 2 months old (or whatever age your child is now) There's no point starting earlier than