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The Beautiful Chaos of a Newborn

It's at this moment - at precisely 7am - that I realised my baby is no longer a newborn. How? You ask, well it all started when I went to pick him up from his Moses basket and found his head at one end and his feet wriggling at the other and thinking I really need to move this little guy to his cot. Then it was the new gurgling sounds he's never made before and a big grin on his face (which never ceases to make my heart melt).  After his feed I placed him on his playmat and proceeded to make my first of many coffees that day, I came back a few minutes and found he'd rotated a good 90° and is now lying with his head on the carpet and body on the mat. My baby is no longer a newborn. When I feed him; instead of falling into a blissful sleep he now turns his head at the slightest sound and disrupts the feed, only to look back at me and with his wide, marble-like eyes and proceed to melt my heart again.  To say I'm grieving his newborn stage might be a bit muc