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Oh Dear! We're Potty Training!

The time has come, when my daughter {Little ℒ} will be graduating toddler-hood and entering into the world of little girls and tiny frilly panties. I can't wait for the day that I update you, dear reader and tell you that my daughter is 100% potty trained and nappies are no longer a necessity in our lives...but that day is yet to come. Before that I'd like to first tell you that potty training has always been a fear of mine and a part of parenting I have never been excited about; quite the opposite actually. I had heard some many horror stories of kids who just don't seem to get it or kids that like to publicly demonstrate their abilities to pee and poop. I was very comfortable having her in nappies, it never bothered me at all, in fact I find it very easy and simple and a part of my life I no longer have to think about it. But I can't have her in nappies forever and I felt like I was stunting her development and that it was time at 2 years and nearly 9 months old when she wakes up from her afternoon naps dry and likes to inform me when she's pooped even though that fact had reached my nose way before she did.

The first thing I did was prepare myself, after all no mother wants to see her children grow, as much as they make us so proud we still wish they were tiny newborns who need us and feed and sleep and curl up like little bunnies when you pick them up...ahhh the good days...(trailing off topic now! Sorry!) So I went to the shops and bought her a pack of 7 undies and vests and as you can imagine there I was at the cashier getting emotional and wishing I can take them back and go home and cuddle her in a blanket, but I bought them and took them home. I also bought a toilet training seat that sits directly on top of the toilet (I felt no need to buy a potty as I knew that the transition from potty to toilet seat is a difficult one too) and I bought a pack of Skittles sweets too - you'll see why in a bit...

The plan was to have her potty trained in 3 days, today is day 3 and although there has been an improvement I doubt that by midnight she'll be totally trained. Here's what I have been doing...

Day One

The night before day one I had a talk with her and if you've ever had a talk with a toddler you know it's mostly you speaking and her answering you in half gibberish and half words that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the conversation. Regardless, I spoke to her, told her she's a big girl, told her how I'd removed her cot bars and turned the bed into a 'Big Girl' bed, told her how she no longer drinks from her bottle or takes dummies and she shouldn't have nappies anymore either. I shower her the cute undies I'd bought and told her she can put them on in the morning and that we'd say 'Bye Bye' to her nappies. True to my word, morning came and we did just that; off came the nappy and we put on a fresh pair of undies without any sort of protection from leaks or accidents. I was prepared. I was ready. I was scared.

I started taking her to the toilet every 10 minutes and telling her to go if she needed to. If she did she'd get one Skittle, if not we'd try again in 10 minutes. After 2 hours of nothing she went for the first time and we celebrated and she earned her Skittle. By Midday I had made it every 15 minutes until bedtime. She had 3 accidents on Day One. All three left her confused and not really knowing what was going on. I would show her how her undies were wet and show her the stain and told her it was smelly and yucky but I didn't punish her or degrade her or humiliate her in any way. I then took her to the toilet and told her to go if she still needed to. She soon got the idea and right before bedtime she ran up to me and said 'Mummy! Poopie!' which translated to 'I need to go' and so I rushed her to the toilet with the biggest proud mummy face ever before turning around and finding a trail of wet puddles where she'd ran to me, hey! It's a start.

Day Two

Feeling a little more confident I woke up extra early and prepared for her second day of potty training. I placed a few toys in the bathroom and a story book. She woke up and off came her nighttime nappy (I decided to keep her in pull ups for naps and bedtime as I didn't want her to feel she'd failed if she peed as there is no way she'd be able to control herself while she sleeps just yet) and we went for our first pee of the day and of course her reward of Skittles. Throughout the second day she did really well, I would take her every 30 minutes and she'd either go or tell me she doesn't need to and she carries on playing. I don't give her a choice to go to the toilet or not, I just tell her 'Let's go poopie and we can carry on playing when we're done' I felt like if I asked her every time if she needed to go she'd definitely say no and we'd have a war. Most likely. And so for now I just take her based on my timer and she'd either need it or not. We had 3 accidents too but these were all while she ran to the toilet and so I wouldn't really call them accidents, they're more like puddles that didn''t make it on time.

Day Three

Today is day three, I've been taking her every hour. It's nap time now and she's already had a minor accident but also while she ran to the toilet, I'm hoping for the best.I know this method works as I've seen a huge improvement since two days ago but I know I need to have realistic goals. She won't be fully trained today but I'm hoping by next week she'll be done. I will update you when we have our first day of officially no accidents. Wish me luck!

Have you potty trained your kids? Any advice or comments? Leave them below! Don't forget to share and subscribe to get the latest!


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