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Oh Dear! We're Potty Training!

The time has come, when my daughter  {Little  ℒ} will be graduating toddler-hood and entering into the world of little girls and tiny frilly panties. I can't wait for the day that I update you, dear reader and tell you that my daughter is 100% potty trained and nappies are no longer a necessity in our lives...but that day is yet to come. Before that I'd like to first tell you that potty training has always been a fear of mine and a part of parenting I have never been excited about; quite the opposite actually. I had heard some many horror stories of kids who just don't seem to get it or kids that like to publicly demonstrate their abilities to pee and poop. I was very comfortable having her in nappies, it never bothered me at all, in fact I find it very easy and simple and a part of my life I no longer have to think about it. But I can't have her in nappies forever and I felt like I was stunting her development and that it was time at 2 years and nearly 9 months ol

Welcome To The World {Baby 𝓐}

Hi guys! It's been a while!  On the 22nd of April we welcomed our son {Baby  𝓐 } into this world after a crazy but short 6 hour labour (labour story coming soon!) he was born healthy and beautiful and as perfect as can be. He is also partly to blame for my absence on this blog and I hope I can make up for the lost time.  These last 11 weeks have been insane! With my daughter {Little  ℒ} turning into a Little Demon at the arrival of her brother and with him attached to my breast every few minutes it's no wonder my hair looks like a cactus on a good day and my t-shirts (that belong to my husband and I've been using since I found out I was pregnant) have all sorts of stains on them ranging from spit up, breast leakage and something brown I seemed to have gotten after my daughter hugged me that I hope is chocolate and no I won't be checking thank you very much! So where do I start? Well first of all you are never prepared enough to have a baby even if it