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The Lady In The Other Hospital Bed

Storytime! I hope you're sitting comfortably because this is a story you'll want to read, there's a moral behind it, and it's true! Here we go... The news of my first pregnancy brought me so much joy; I was thrilled to be pregnant and to carry life, I was excited about being a mum and having a bump, I was looking forward to the 'pregnancy glow' and feeling the little kicks and hiccups I'd heard so much about from other mums. I was not prepared for what came the next 8 months and it certainly wasn't what I had expected. From about week 6 of my pregnancy, I had the usual symptoms including feeling tired, bloated and what I thought was regular morning sickness. But it turned out to be Hyperemesis Gravidarum  (pretty sure I spelt that right - I hope) in layman's terms it's basically morning sickness but throughout the day and every day and to the point, you can't swallow solids - including the prenatal vitamins and barely any water thro

The Joys Of The Last Month Of Pregnancy!

Hi there! I hope you could sense the hint of sarcasm in the title because I think the last month of pregnancy is by far the least joyful out of all the months. It comes with a rollercoaster of emotions from excitement to disappointment to excitement to disappointment to 'yes! finally!' to frustration to exhaustion to hopelessness and finally relief. Whenever a friend of mine would get pregnant and reach the last couple of weeks I always tell them 'Keep a diary of your last couple of days', 'Get some sleep while you still can' and a lot more advice that I now know are complete nonsense ! I don't know how I was allowed to keep believing that I was making any sense at all! It's only when you actually hit that 36/37 week mark that time slows down remarkably! The hours of each day stretch longer and I can swear the week has at least 10 days! And to make matters worse while you watch your due date slip further away each day you are constantly on edge and

Surviving Toddler Temper Tantrums!

The 'Terrible Two's' is a term we often hear and it is one I heard a lot before my toddler turned two and I was warned by fellow mums that she will go through a phase (Yes, I said phase, I know it's the furthest thing from a phase! But that's what I was told) a phase where she will cry for everything and anything that she wanted and will throw herself on the floor and scream murder if she didn't get it. I was told that there was nothing  I can do about it and I should just try and not go out during this 'phase' and try and avoid people altogether. As a mum, I wanted to believe that my daughter was different from all the other kids in the world, that she would never have a temper tantrum because I simply won't allow it. Ha! I could not have been more wrong! Sure enough, a month before she turned two she had her first temper tantrum, followed by a second, third, and a millionth one by now. However, the advice I was given was absolutely ridiculou

Pregnant With A Toddler - Can It Be Done?

Toddlers are cute, adorable, lovely, cheeky...but they can also be mischievous, tiring, naughty...they're basically not always a delight, right? So why would any mother in her right mind think about having another child...a newborn...another human while she's got a toddler? Well, plenty of reasons actually! But before we get into that let's first address some issues you would have if you were to get pregnant while having a toddler. First of all and probably the biggest issue is energy. Will you have the energy to run around a naked 2-year old that's holding his nappy upside down and you praying that nothing falls out? Well, for the first trimester you probably won't. But by now you have probably realised that a woman's body; a mother's body has an amazing ability to still be able to function on little to no sleep right? And that you're still able to care for your toddler when you're ill and you need caring for yourself. And you know why