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Are You Doubting Yourself As A Parent?

There have been many days, probably more than I'd like to admit that I've had the thought "Am I a bad mum?". This thought doesn't come from comes from hours of no sleep where in the end I snap...or witnessing my child doing something I'm not proud of...or being judged by fellow mums for whatever quality I'm lacking or whatever skill my child still hasn't mastered...or walking around my house and finding things that should be cleaned, corners that should be vacuumed, spider webs that taunt me...and it is at these times that I doubt might agree with might have had similar thoughts...or you might be that perfect parent with the most well-behaved child and a house that gleams and shines (if so then you need not read on because this doesn't concern you). My point is that this is normal. It's hard but normal. It's only natural for you to snap...It's only natural for you to have doubts...It's o

Minute Method - A Cure for Separation Anxiety?

A child's cry is one of the most heartbreaking sounds you'll ever hear, made worse if it's your child and if the reason they are crying is because they want you. It's absolutely heart-wrenching and we've all been there. You've just placed your toddler in bed, given them their favourite teddy and tucked them in and just as you're creeping out of the room - much like you would creep out of a den of sleeping lions - your child lets out a whimper, then a cry, then a scream. Sounds familiar? Well, momma, I have the solution for you. My 2-year-old went through the majority of her tiny life with a structured sleep routine that I was very proud of - might I say so myself - and so it came as a shock to me when one day, out of the blue, she refused to sleep in her bed. She screamed as soon as I put her in her crib and screamed more as I left the room. I was very confused and instantly thought she'd had a nightmare and that has caused her to be frighten

5 Tips to Manage a Stomach Bug

It's a regular day, you've just taken your child from nursery and have just fixed him dinner, he's happy and content but suddenly he vomits his food all over the dining table! Could there be something wrong with the food? You wonder...or is it something worse... The first thing you have to do at this moment is rule out anything more malicious than a stomach bug...if you're concerned take your child to a doctor and get him checked out. Now you've heard there's a stomach bug going around the schools, after all the lady from next door hasn't been feeling well...what should you do? 1. PREPARE YOURSELF This is going to be hard. It'll probably be harder for you the younger the child but it certainly won't be easy, prepare lots of clean towels, fresh air and plenty of hugs and kisses. Your child is going to feel awful and he will need your patience and love to get through it. Remember when you were pregnant...that first trimester...I think you k