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Me-Time...Why Is It So Important?

You may have woken up at 6am but that's definitely not when your day started...oh no...your day started at 3am...when your newborn had woke up and started crying because her arms had moved while she was sleeping and that scared her...not to mention that since she's awake now she's realised that's she's hungry and needs to feed...only to fall asleep on your breast every 5 min...and this continues throughout the night till the 6am alarm that is your toddler by your bedside telling you she needs to pee-pee...yep good morning look over your shoulder and find your partner in deep sleep and you have the very normal urge to do unthinkable, sinister things to him because at this moment he is the enemy...the one who slept in...but you get up anyway and that is how your day started. Sounds familiar? You're not alone. Whether you have a newborn or toddler, preteen or pre-adult-who-thinks-no-rules-apply-to-them, you're a mum. And while some may argue that dad's do the morning routine too I applaud them for that...but I'm talking to the mum here so step aside dad's - thank you.
For a lot of mums the day they fall pregnant with their first child is the start of self-neglect...their main concern is the child...then the child is born and that only gets worse...your child gets older, more independent but even then they have different demands and different needs, but demands and needs all the same. And you forget yourself. And I don't mean your messy bun or chocolate stain from the biscuit your kids fought over yesterday...I'm talking about yourself...forgetting you...the one person that has to cater to all these little humans' needs...

"You can't pour from an empty cup"

What does that mean? It means you need to recharge peace...and look to yourself for your needs and demands...don't forget yourself. You might be thinking "Is she serious?" And "How am I supposed to get time alone! Going to the bathroom is a vacation for me!" But I'm not talking about flying to Europe and taking weeks off...that may sound amazing but I'm talking about little things throughout the week that are for you by you.
That shower you had planned, make it a bath...make it longer...light some candles...sit back and relax...the dishes can wait.
That errand you were gonna run...the quick one down the road...Make it a walk, in the sun...down that green path that you've always seen but never knew where it led to...the errand can wait.
The kids are asleep? Get a drink, plump up the cushions and watch another five episodes of Gossip girl...sleep can wait.
Do you see what I mean? I bet if you really think about it you can find time for yourself even if it's once a week...but you need it for your sanity.
Good luck momma...And enjoy.


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