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Minute Method - A Cure for Separation Anxiety?

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How To Go From "I Will" To "I Am": Morning Affirmations Vs Expectations

  After a recent conversation with a dear friend of mine, I realised just how damaging waking up in the morning and ordering yourself to be or to do this and that, we wake up already bombarded with personal expectations and requirements that we put on ourselves either because of society's idea of success or because of our own personal goals and even insecurities. When we load ourselves up with expectations (I will do this today and I must complete this today) we are setting ourselves up for failure, feeling unaccomplished and possibly even guilt or shame. We then go online and compare ourselves to people who have achieved the goals that we set ourselves  and we put ourselves down and speak to ourselves and about ourselves with criticism and shame. How can we replace our morning expectations with morning affirmations and can it really make a difference to our productivity?  Let's try this out: Expectation: I will be happy today. Affirmation: I am grateful for this new day Expec

10 Warning Signs You're Going To Lose Your Temper

 It happens to the best of us, you've just had an amazing day with the kids, you've spent all day trying to make an effort into being a 'happy', 'fun' and 'easy-going' parent. Now you are home after going to the park, playground, restaurant, toy shop and finally ice-cream, but then all hell breaks loose, they fight over who has first go on a toy they've both ignored all week, and you completely lose it! It seems like it came out of nowhere, without warning, you are yelling at the top of your lungs, exhausted and having had it 'up to here' and you've let it all out.  But was it really 'out of nowhere'? Or did you miss the warning signs before this explosion? Did you maybe miss the small signs your body was giving you all day prior to this inevitable meltdown? Here are 10 signs you are about to completely lose your temper: Fast heartbeat and breathing Tense shoulders Clenching your jaw and hands Sweating Feeling hot Churning stomach

40 Rainy Day Activities

Lock down is easing, people are slowly emerging from their houses, like vampires we emerge cowering from the sun that's been blazing over us since last week, we leave our homes with our heads dishevelled, clothes fitting a little more snug than a few months ago and with overwhelming excitement to finally be out in the open fresh air only to be welcomed by a drop, another drop and another drop of rain. A week of it to be precise. They say brits love to complain about the weather, I for one find that to be completely...true! We aren't happy when it's hot, when it's cold, when it's raining and when it's snowing. It is what it is! There are some of us, however who like to enjoy the rain, they like to listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the window, the sound of welly-boots splashing in the puddles and the screams and giggles of children running around looking for shelter from the rain.  While we are stuck indoors this week, If you find yourself running out of

How To Cope With Disturbing News On TV And Social Media

Technology was created to bring humanity together, to share our lives and thoughts on social media, to broadcast news and events happening all over the world on television and radio, but it comes at a price. This year especially, I feel, has been a complete disaster, if only we could rewind back to our 2020 new years celebration and restart this year, but life is not that simple. I am constantly finding myself scrolling from post to post on Facebook and reading article after article filled with gloom and despair leaving me feeling disturbed, anxious and very confused as each article stands to disprove the article before it. It is as if we cling on to one piece of good news or anything that brings joy to our hearts (hence the list of kitten videos flooding my Saved Page) but it's not long before we are tagged in a '10 Ways To Avoid Death During This Disastrous Pandemic' and I am once again thrown in a whirlwind of doom and gloom.  Now, you could deactivate all yo

7 Mistakes I Made While Potty Training My Daughter

Potty training has no doubt been the most exhausting and difficult thing I've had to do during this parenting journey, it comes easy to a lot of people which will forever confuse and baffle me but I understand that every child is different and each parenting journey is unique and beautiful in it's own way. Before I started potty training I bought all the books, watched all the YouTube videos, read all the blogs, asked all the mommas. You might remember a previous post I'd written when I first started  (Oh Dear! We're Potty Training!) , Oh the naivety! Here are the mistakes I made while potty training my daughter, I wish I can make a ( 7 Tips for successfully potty training your child) but I cannot, because it took me just under a year before we had no more accidents and stress free outings, so instead here is what you should not do  when potty training. 1. Don't change your method/ strategy. This might be obvious to a lot of you but it wasn't to m

How To Be a Productive Mum and Get Things Done!

Once upon a time, before you had kids, you would wake up at a time that suited you, shower peacefully (sometimes you'd even shampoo twice!), maybe apply some lotion, get ready and go about your day. Then you'd come home, to an already spotless house, no crumbs on the floor or toys to trip over, no Legos that leave you hopping on one leg and cursing in pain, none at all. You'd slip into your warm fluffy slippers and enjoy a cup of tea while watching your TV that; at that time was free from tiny handprint marks and your remote still had the battery cap securely clipped in. Ah that was the life. Then of course you wake up from this blissful memory and are thrown back into your current reality that is kids, clutter and noise. Not that that's a bad thing of course! But I do know how you feel. Your life may be hectic right now, but believe me it's temporary. You may be feeling like you have a mountain load of things to do and tasks that get postponed to the n

Positive Parenting - Can It Be Done?

I'm a positive person; at least I think I am.  I wake up happy and go to bed happy.  I always look for the silver lining or the bright side of things.  However, I am a mum of two and with that responsibility comes a great sacrifice; my patience and positivity.  Now my happiness relies almost entirely on how strong my coffee many times it had to be reheated and why...whether I had to repeat myself half a dozen times and the only thing that could have possibly made my day positive was if the cleaning fairy paid a visit, took all the mess away with her and left some coins (or notes!).  Of course my children bring me joy and happiness. Seeing them after a long day makes everything better, makes everything sweeter and makes everything worth it. But it's not always fairies and unicorns and glitter. Some days are rough. And it is those days that really test my patience and unleash the negative, angry, complaining, grouchy mummy - that doesn't help thoug